Having identified a potential property, the next question is, "How much is it worth?" This is the most difficult and important part of the process. Establishing "market value" is a valuable and a critical service that real estate agents provide. I have the experience  and knowledge to help you determine value as part of an offer strategy. I determine value using combinations of the following methods:

  • Price Per Square Foot Analysis:This is really a sub-set of Comparable Sales, but price per square foot analysis can be helpful to frame a range of value. By dividing sales price by total square feet, we can get a number that can compare to similar properties. Price per square foot analysis can be helpful, but it is not exact as often times quoted square footage is inaccurate. Location, condition, views, and neighboring properties are just some of the many components that affect property value.
  • Current Market Conditions:The San Francisco Residential Real Estate market can be best described as dynamic. Because the market is constantly changing, you need Real Estate agents who have the best and most recent information about the market specifics, trends, and economic factors.
  • Demand for Specific Property:Comparable properties will only take the analysis only so far. Every property is unique. Therefore, positive or negative attributes of each property may play a significant role in value.
  • Your Subjective Valuation:We factor in a buyer's position on the continuum of (1) "Must" (2) "At a certain price", (3) "Would work", and recommend structuring an offer accordingly.

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