30 Day Listing Guarantee

30 Day Listing Guarantee

What is it?

It is an exclusive Marketing Plan where our team will Guarantee they can get your home sold in 30 days or less, or at the close of escrow you will be credited between $1,000 to $10,000 cash, depending upon final selling price.

How does it work?

Your home must qualify and the pricing strategy must be agreed upon by both of us. Establishing the current market value of any home in not an exact science. Facts of record will be used as the most reliable guideline in establishing a pricing strategy.

Once the pricing strategy is determined the 30 day period will begin four days after the Listing Agreement is signed. This allows four days for Ken and his staff of professionals to complete the required documents for submission to the San Francisco Association of Realtors as well as prepare marketing materials.

What makes you think this will work and how do I know this isn't just another new way for agents to secure / buy a listing?

First of all, we never take a listing unless two things are present: 1) The seller actually has the motivation to sell and 2) we must believe the property is saleable with a pricing strategy that is competitive enough to attract potential home buyers in the current market environment.

Here's why we know this plan will work. We reviewed our historical transactions and found that in almost every case where our seller's and Ken agreed on the pricing strategy, we sold that home in less than 30 days. This has allowed our clients to do the one thing they want to do..........Start packing and Move!

"We Will Sell Your Home in 30 Days or Less!"




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